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Dayuling High Mountain Oolong (Spring 2019)
Dayuling High Mountain Oolong (Spring 2019)

Dayuling High Mountain Oolong (Spring 2019)

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Dayuling Tea is considered by many to be some of the finest tea available in Taiwan. A relatively small tea-producing area located on Li Shan Mountain in central Taiwan, Dayuling is particularly sought after in a region already teeming with high-quality teas. Most of this is due to the high elevation of the area, with some farms in Dayuling competing with the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate in India for the title of highest tea plantation in the world. 

These vividly green balls of tea are a bit smaller in size than some of the other high mountain oolongs out there, and at such a high altitude the tea trees tend to grow a bit more slowly. Thankfully this translates to a powerful experience in the cup with a taste and aroma that is definitely a step above many of the other fine teas Taiwan offers. 

Dayuling is famous for a reason, and true Dayuling tea rarely disappoints. We spent some time trying to find a Dayuling that truly resonates the effort and skill that go into growing quality tea at such high elevations. This tea has such a full body and long lasting finish that make it a complex and remarkable oolong.