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“Where does the tea come from?”

- All of our teas come from Taiwan, at various farms from different locations around the country. Though Taiwan is a small island nation, there are many subtle differences in "terroir" like rainfall, elevation, and temperature, all of which interact to produce the distinct flavors found in Taiwanese teas. 

"Can I track my order?" 

Yes! Just take your order number and head to our order tracking page.

“Do you deal directly with the farmers?"

- The majority of our teas are purchased directly from farmers, as they are the ultimate authority on their own teas and the ideal people to talk to when it comes to discussing the subtleties of flavor. Our farmer friends are happy to hear that there are so many Americans now exploring the world of Taiwanese tea, and are happy to have the extra business as well! 

“Is Taiwan tea organic?"

- Many Taiwanese teas are organic, though certainly not all, and those which are will often not be certified. Most farmers are not going to shell out the extra money for organic certification as in Taiwan the issue of organic tea isn't quite as pressing as it is in the United States. That being said, all teas are tested for pesticides and are far within the acceptable range for produce. 

“How do I brew my tea? Do I need a special tea pot?”

- At the beginning, it's best not to overthink this question too much. Tossing the leaves into a mug and adding some hot (but not quite boiling) water is completely acceptable and a great way to enjoy your tea. Typically, a quick "rinse" of the leaves with some hot water is also done before brewing. 

Should you decide to further explore the traditional ways of brewing tea, a Gaiwan or Yixing pot is a great investment and can be a fun way of making and sharing tea with friends.

"Where do you ship from?"

- All of our teas come from Taiwan but are shipped from California in the United States. Everything you see on our site is already in America and ready to be shipped, so no need to worry about long waiting times after placing your order. 

"What's your return policy?"

If you’ve received an incorrect sample of tea, or received tea which has been damaged in shipping, please let us know and we can work towards issuing a refund. We cannot offer refunds if you simply don't like the taste of the tea.

As a general rule, if you are new to Taiwanese teas it's best to start out with sample sizes or smaller bag sizes until you know what you like. If you aren't pleased with a particular product, however, please email us and we will be happy to recommend you a tea more suited to your tastes.