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Nangang Competition Grade Baozhong (Spring 2019)

Nangang Competition Grade Baozhong (Spring 2019)

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The Nangang region was the first area to grow baozhong tea in Taiwan and is the closest tea growing region to Taipei city. Even though it has been surpassed in popularity by its nearby neighbor Pinglin, Nangang produces baozhongs that are distinctly unique and a pleasure to drink. This baozhong is a competition grade, spring picking.

Unlike oolongs, competition baozhongs are unroasted and prized more for their clear "green" flavors. There is a pleasant floral quality to this tea, but unlike many teas from Pinglin, it is not overbearing and has a strong mineral presence that ties everything together.

This is a very refreshing and crisp tea overall. It's an excellent afternoon tea, and makes for a delicious cold brew. If you haven't tried baozhong before we strongly recommend giving it a go. Compared to the popularity of high mountain Oolong, Baozhong teas are a hidden gem.